Tools, Links, & Stuff

On the show we mention various products that some of us have found helpful in typewriter repair, cleaning, and restoration. Here, we’ve helpfully provided links to their Amazon pages in blue. If you choose to buy, we’ll get a very small commission that’s put towards the cost of more typewriters the show!

Got a tool or product you find helpful? Let us know!

Jonard M-130/SX5 Pull and Lifter Spring Hook – Pack of 5. Absolutely essential and yes, you’ll want more than one. These are essential for adding and removing delicate springs, but the hook and slot ends come in handy in many situations. I typically have 2 in front of me when I’m working.

5 Pack Micro Spatula
has really come in handy lately for gently prying hard to reach places, and just have a good, flat piece of metal sometimes to work with.

Kingsdun 6pcs Dual Ends Metal Spudger Pry Tools Set. Not as long as the spatulas, they are a little more comfortable in the hand if you have to use one often.

10 Pieces Universal Black Stick Spudger Opening Pry Tool Kit. Not ready to dive into the metal spudgers, these plastic ones are amazing, cheap, and best of all won’t damage delicate paint jobs. These are also really good for removing key caps with tabs on them. Those little metal tabs on the bottom can break if bent too often, or too much. The flat end of these plastic spudgers work well for bending that gently out of the way.

30pcs 15ml Needle Tip Glue Bottle . These are great for precision oiling because they’re cheap, easy to control, and you can have many different solvents and oilers

Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish is the go-to general polish for typewriter parts. Thicker than most polishes, it doesn’t have a lot of ammonia and other chemicals that some polishes do.

Simichrome is a special polish from Germany that is very gentle, and the choice when you’re polishing anything delicate.

For polishing all kinds of typewriter paint jobs, there’s nothing better than Turtle Wax. Whether you’re polishing the metal case of the machine, buffing up the key tops, or even the metal cases, Turtle Wax is just a good choice. Find it pretty much any hardware or automotive store.