E18 Evan Pittman

Evan Pittman is the genius behind the Southeastern Typewriter Gathering, held each year at the Southeastern Railway Museum in Duluth, Georgia. A native Atlantean, Evan is a gregarious and wonderful collector of typewriters, rare books, uranium glass, and records. He joins me for the first live recording of Typewriter Talk at the Southeastern Railway Museum. 

If you find yourself in Duluth, Georgia swing by the museum it’s a lot of fun and a really cool place to be. https://www.train-museum.org/

Show note: Apologies for the trail whistles, wind noise, and, well noise in general. Due to COVID we had to record outside.

E17 Everett E. Henderson

Everett E. Henderson Jr is an artist, architect, and designer in Austin, Texas who collects, restores, and creates beautiful art often using typewriters. However, he may possibly be known more famously as one-third of the Austin Typewriter, Ink trio. Austin Typewriter Ink is a trio of guys that share their love of typewriters through events and the really cool ATI podcast.

ATI podcast. Check them out at http://www.austintypewriterink.com/ati-the-podcast.html

Show note: My voice sounds terrible as I was just emerging from the depths of COVID-19, so unfortunately I sound like Moltar.

E16 Joseph Jablonski: The Walking Mall Poet

Joesph Jablonski, known as The Walking Mall Poet, is the typewriting street poet of Old Town Winchester. Using one of thirty typewriters in his collection, Joseph sets up in the Winchester, VA Walking Mall and produces on-the-spot poetry by request for strangers, friends and passerbys. A professional street poet since February of 2019, Joseph originally was born and grew up on Long Island, New York. He mastered the structure of poetry after prematurely leaving college in Washington, DC, writing profusely to cope with the fallout of his decision. Through this, he later produced Dropout, a chapbook interpreting the liberating of the mind from stereotypical structures. Now, he values building relationships in the Shenandoah Valley as a public community artist, and encourages art of all mediums.

Joseph’s poetry often revolves around the themes of infinity and eternity, often seizing on the idealism of the beautiful moments in our lives and striving to make even the smallest of requests shine like the sun. He often writes with slant rhyme, inspired by spoken word and rap rhyme structures, with poems usually flowing across the page in free verse. His poetry conveys concepts of sacrifice, salvation and love into everyday themes and language. His poetry is also a practice in hyper-empathy, using the moment to try to place himself as fully as possible in another & answer, in each request “What does this person need in a poem?”

When not writing, Joseph works in the local nonprofit community to build connections between agencies and increase collaboration towards lifting more families out of poverty. He also will be found doing DIY repairs to his collection of typewriter machines while listening to Meaningwave, an inspirational genre of lofi music layered with metered, philosophical spoken word.

Find our more at www.WalkingMallPoet.com

E15 Ruth Waytz

Ruth Waytz

Writer, Ghostwriter, Emmy winner, and all around burst of energy, Ruth Waytz joins us for a hilarious conversation about her days at Hustler magazine, stealing a Selectric, our beloved friend Garrett, typewriters, and much more.

R.I.P. Garrett Lai, 1966 – 2020. We miss you.

E14 David Herrera

David Herrera is a photographer, video professional, and typewriter enthusiast in New Orleans. He created my favorite short film of a Hammond typewriter, and is partially responsible for my slight obsession with the machine. In a short time, David has gathered a collection of some of the finest machines in the world, and he joins me to talk about those and many others.

Check out his YouTube channel here:


My favorite Hammond video: https://youtu.be/9j9xHY0RTA8

E13 Evan Bezeredi

Evan Bezeredi joins us for a conversation about starting a typewriter repair shop, scoring the tool find of a lifetime, super secret repair manuals, and a repair-shop must-have that totally surprised me. Thanks to COVID-19 my voice sounds like Moltar, but we made it work.

Follow Evan on Instagram @patriottypewriter

Show note: Getting better at interviewing. It’s tough to be strictly an interviewer asking questions, and not want to leap to a more relaxed conversation style. I’m working on pulling back more and letting the guest talk and express the things they’re interested in. It’s all a learning process for sure!

E20 Joel Camassar

Episode Notes

Here’s a special episode out of rotation of my conversation with Joel Camassar, co-owner of The Chapman Manufacturing Company, of Durham, Connecticut. Joel’s company manufacturers driver bits, specifically slotted bits that have been a life saver to myself, and many other typewriter repair enthusiasts. Joel has also been very kind to our community in releasing a toolkit specially built for typewriter repair, which carriers the awesome serial number 0623 – June 23rd, International Typewriter Day.

Join me as Joel talks about the history of the company and what it takes to make a great American product. If you’d like to find out more about the 0623 kit, visit this link to see their website.

E12 Mr. and Mrs. Vintage

Mr. and Mrs. Vintage

In just a short time, Walid and Joujou Saad have built a successful typewriter repair business in Milton Keynes, England. Exceptional work and devotion to their clients has catapulted this wonderful couple into the limelight.

Walid joins the show to talk about running a typewriter shop in the 21st Century, building a community of devoted clients and fans, and becoming the Typewriter Experts for Series 4 of the acclaimed British program, The Repair Shop.


E11 Duane Jensen: Phoenix Typewriter

Episode Notes

The one and only Duane Jensen of Phoenix Typewriter, guardian angel to many around the world who have benefited from his kindness, and generosity of knowledge. Find out more about one of the most revered members of the typosphere.

Near Phoenix, Arizona? Visit his shop!! 2546 E Taro Ln, Phoenix, AZ 85050


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E10 Brandon Bledsoe

Brandon Bledsoe is a Veteran, doting father, loving husband, typewriter collector, camera collector, but most importantly, he is the official photographer of Herman’s.

To get the Zine visit the Ministry of Uncivilized Behavior at https://lpprsvuncivilized.square.site/

You can also learn more about Brandon @nostalgic_vanity @lpprsv_uncivilized and via Facebook.

Brandon’s story is “Homesick” in “Backspaces: Typewritten Tales of Time Travel“.

Artwork thanks to the guys at Austin Typewriter, Ink

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